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3 Articles About Sri Lanka That Caught Our Eyes

Author:   |  Published: December 29, 2014  |  3 Comments

Here are 3 articles relating to Sri Lanka that caught our eyes recently.


1. Post War Sri Lanka’s Awkward Peace from The New York Times:



Image sourced from The New York Times.


“As soon as the war ended, the feedback we got in Jaffna was that buses and buses of Singhalese are going to Jaffna out of curiosity,” said Silan Kadirgamar, 80, a Tamil historian who lives in Colombo. “They came with their own cooking utensils and food, and they sat on the ground and ate. They didn’t go there to meet Tamils.” Read the complete article here.


2. Devastating 2004 tsunami Moved Canadian Couple to help Sri Lanka rebuild, and they’re still going back from National Post:



Image sourced from National Post.


“I festered over it for a week, tossing and turning, and I kept thinking how I needed to go there,” she says. “I kept thinking: It is time to get off your ass and do something.” Read the complete article here.


3. What to Eat in Colombo, Sri Lanka from The Washington Post:


SL food

Image sourced from The Washington Post.


“The Sri Lankan “bath” packet, which translates to rice packet, is the island’s answer to the Japanese bento box. These paper-wrapped rice and curry meals are available from kades on the corners, road-side sellers with a styrofoam box, and lately online as well. These savvy cooks know that what every working stiff wants is a good lunch.” Read the complete article here.