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4 Pain-Free Ways to Break in Your Shoes (Includes Using a Potato)

Author:   |  Published: September 26, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

I am obsessed with shoes – to be specific, heels! I get this automatic confidence boost when I slip into a pair of absolutely beautiful peep-toe pumps or even a pair of black mono low-top chucks. However, along with the long admiration of my feet, I get stuck with pain and tightness from the never-been-worn shoes! I could just suck it up and wear my shoes until they finally break in, which is what I usually do – but the end result is fabulous feet for a few hours, and eventually coming home to blisters and aching pains. So, I got out there and did a little research from local shoe stores around Toronto to get some advice on avoiding this issue; I am here to share with you some great techniques that will help you stretch out your shoes without the pain!



1. Wear your Shoes at HomeJoVXMS60FLsKezhgK4Dt-NGYPuJUi15RlNe7BSC4BTeFf4PhYAxfYir4uwzLWOGx3ckQZ4SJaUm8V6eZKFBwORyFpCM

Everyday for about a week after you come home from work, slip into your shoes for about 20 minutes until they are stretched out to your liking. This is the longest process to breaking in your shoes, however if you have the time it is very effective.


2. Chunky Socks and Heat

This is a really good and very quick method to stretch out your shoes (this works best with leatherstretch+out+your+shoes+formula!) Basically, grab a pair of your chunkiest socks, slip them into your shoes and blow dry the area you feel are tight for 20-30 seconds. Repeat as needed. Be sure to give your shoes a cooling period to avoid drying out the leather material. Once you’re done, try on your shoes again without the socks and see how it feels. Repeat the steps again until they fit perfectly!

*Tip: Apply leather conditioner or conditioners that are made for your material, onto your shoes to add back in the moisture that was lost during the heating process!*


3. Potato Method

Got a potato? Grab one, peel the skin off and mold the potato into the shape that fits perfectly into your leather shoes.4500502730_e575754873_z Leave it overnight for the potato to dry out and the next morning your shoes should be ready to wear! In additional to a great way to stretch your shoes, it helps to reduce odor in shoes!

*Tip: Do not use shoes that have a  fabric material because it will soak in the juices from the potato!*


4. Frozen Shoes

This is one of my favourite methods, it has done wonders for all of my shoes. All you need is two zip lock bags, water, a freezer and your shoes of course! Step one is to fill the bags with water until they’re about half way full and seal shut.Shoe+Stretch9 Step two, slip the bags into your shoes. Step three, pop your shoes into the freezer over night or until the water is frozen. As the water turns into ice, it will expand along with the shoes. Step four, let the ice thaw, remove the bags and you’re done!

*Tip: You can add in crumpled newspaper to the areas you do not want to expand and then put in the bags to freeze!*


And there you have it folks, 4 pain free ways to stretch your shoes! Give them a try and in the comments below let me know which methods worked for you!