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5 Things You Shouldn’t Regret Spending Your Money On In Your 20’s

Author:   |  Published: June 12, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

These next 10 years or so,  are for you to discover yourself and just be you. You’ll finish school and bam! There you are in the real world.



There will be a bunch of failures and successes throughout these years. You’ll understand who your true friends are and make new ones. Perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life, either through online dating ( like myTamildate), or some other unexpected way.


The best thing is that you’ll discover what you like, what you don’t, how to obtain things and how to start from scratch when you do need to. Banking also gets real at this point. You’ll have to pay off those student loans and maybe even start to save up for the future. Big decisions eh? Even though you might waste money on things you shouldn’t, there are some expenditures which are well worth the spend.


  1. Professional  Wardrobe

Depending on the type of work environment you’re in, a great professional wardrobe will have you spending some extra $$ but will help you look like success – fake it ’til you make it! Invest in some classy pieces that will last you a few years, not a few nights. So, don’t just focus on those trendy sales items that are in now and will rip apart after a few wears.

Things you might want to splurge on: Blazer, Classy Button down shirt, Fitted Suit (like TheSuitInc.), Dress Shoes.


  1. School Debt

Some of the best 4 years of your life, SCHOOL. Leading to an outstanding “ Hi, I owe you money” to the Government (this obviously doesn’t apply to you if you were lucky enough to have your education funded by your parents). In hindsight it seems to take ten times longer to pay back this debt that accumulated over 4 -5 years. Do yourself a favour and make larger payments as soon as you can. The interest will reduce and bit by bit the number you owe will get smaller and eventually hit 0! But the memories and great education that debt earned you, will continue to pay off for the rest of your life.


  1. Gym Membership

No more free Gym Membership courtesy of school, but by investing in one after graduation, allows you to have an outlet to relieve stress and frustrations resulting from  work, friends, and the “ real world”. In addition, a gorgeous body. Win-win situation? Yes! It may only come out to $20-$30 a month depending on the gym and it does have its perks – group fitness classes to be motivated and you never know who you’ll meet. Even a date with the bombshell from Zumba class or even Yoga.


  1. Cell Phone Bill

It’s about time you took over these payments, and stopped relying on your parents. You use the phone, you text, Whatsapp, BBM, SnapChat, Facebook etc . Doesn’t make any sense for your parents to be paying for that.

By all means stay on your parents plan! It is probably a really good plan, just give the monthly fee and chip in when you can to help them pay those bills. In addition this gives you a feeling of “mine”.


  1. Vacation

The best for last. The opportunity to spend time in the Bahamas with your closest friends is rare, so when it occurs, dive in and travel! That one week will have you on Cloud 9 and away from the real world, enjoy it.

Regret: Missing a rare opportunity.

Live life to the fullest, you only get it once.

There is more to your 20’s other than partying and work, the world is what you make it!

Explore. Travel. Smile.