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9 Most Popular Spots For Destination Weddings In 2015

Author:   |  Published: February 18, 2015  |  1 Comment

Most Tamil weddings you’ve been to in the past probably had an attendance size which rivaled a sporting event! Now, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but isn’t too far off. We’re known for our 500+ guests at these Big Fat Tamil Weddings. However, the reality is, not every Tamil bride and groom want a wedding of that scale. More and more, couples are going for an intimate and fun wedding theme – like a destination wedding.


We spoke to our friends at Bimera Events, one of the leading multicultural wedding planning and design companies in the Greater Toronto Area, and asked for their feedback on the best places for a Tamil destination wedding this year. Here are their top 9 picks:


1. Jamaica

jama (1)


2. Costa rica



3. Dominican Republic



4. Mexico (Los Cabos)

los_cabos-arches - mexico


5. St.Lucia

St Lucia - Pitons


6. Indonesia (Bali)

bali indonesia resort pictures


7. Italy (Venice)



8. Greece (Santorini)



9. Thailand



Thinking of taking the destination wedding approach? You can reach out to an experienced wedding planner at Bimera Events to chat about your options. They specialize in South Asian weddings.


Bimera 2


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- All images courtesy of Bimera/Google general search.

Note: A previous version of this post showed an incorrect image for Costa Rica, which has since been corrected.