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A Message to the Freelancing Soul

Author:   |  Published: March 10, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Classes, work, crash, shower, and repeat.  Tis the pitiful life of our lovely generation. Caught in this devouring limbo between keeping in pace with societal expectations, and simultaneously attempting to accomplish our shameless ideals, we fail to realize that both embrace a sinful desire: to succeed.

Success…Ah, quite an intimidating term it is, for societal perception and understanding of it differs drastically from that of a freelancing soul. Although this daunting word may ignite wonderful conversations in regards to defining it, I prefer to reserve such savory conversations over a cup of chai, with an intellectually compelling stranger.  Having said that, I do not refuse to acknowledge the materialistic understanding of success, an understanding created and nourished by a capitalist society, a perception that has seamlessly toxicated our sanity.

However, one mustn’t naively conclude that society is the sole perpetrator behind one’s routine lifestyle that screams for rejuvenation. For one’s blatant ignorance of their passion is also – if not the—culprit behind a soul-less life. I find it a tad bit concerning and completely pitiful, when pairs of confused eyeballs stare at me, ridiculed upon asking what their passion is.  Yet, one can effortlessly splurge verbally on the future that they’ve crafted for themselves. A future that is so clear and structured for a young Tamil—complete education and earn a degree by 21, attend interviews and get a stable job by 22, buy a car, house, oh and don’t forget the yacht, and pop out some kids by 25— to the extent in which it disgusts me.  What a pessimistic take on it, one may critique. It’s the normality of such a life that causes me to cringe. It’s the dependence on the green creature that seeks a safe-haven in our bank accounts and wallets that concerns me. It’s the loss of passion and fiery ambition towards striving it that drives me insane.

It would be utterly ignorant to disregard the importance of money in the era we live in. Yes, money has become a necessity to attain and sustain a stable lifestyle; to put food on our plates, clothes on our back, to build that dream house and to travel and experience the wonders of this world. It’s an unfortunate truth. However, it’s a pathetic excuse to disregard one’s passion—and I refuse to consider the possibility that a soul may exist without it, as passion is one of the most sacred and defining aspects of the intrinsic soul.


Look at us, attending school for the sole purpose of getting a high-paying job, and getting a job for the sole purpose of being financially stable enough to start and maintain a family.  Life wasn’t like that before. The human kind was content with hunting and gathering. The human kind expressed a surplus of talent, traded, and lived in a state of peace. What happened to a genuine interest in learning? Why is it that our educational path of choice must be reflected in our career of choice? Of course, apart from stating the obvious darlings, don’t merely look at the canvas, take a look at the gallery that it’s in.

What’s that? You like dancing? Oh right, it’s too “artsy”.  I mean you wouldn’t dare to expect to make enough dough with that to live a luxurious life. How foolish of you to even think of pursuing your passion as a career! The intimate intertwinement of success and money is an ideological savage that leeches off of a soul’s authentic desire for happiness and peace. Isn’t the luxury of satisfying your soul’s desires a success? So cheers to the shameless idealists, the rebellious ones that dare to follow their passions, the ‘freelancing soul’.  Figure out who you are and do it purposefully, confidently, and wholeheartedly. And if you don’t know what you’re going to make of this mysterious journey of yours, that is okay! ! It’s okay to not know, it’s okay to be confused, but don’t let the mist of confusion prevent you from listening to the rhythm of your soul.