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A Powerful Short Film About How We Hurt our Planet on a Daily Basis

Author:   |  Published: November 19, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

‘Please consider the environment before printing.’ This is a message that many of us encounter regularly, but how many of us take it to heart and change our behaviour?  Sathis Jey Avatharam created his short film “Vettridam” to visually depict the negative consequences that could occur from not taking messages like this seriously:


I would like the world to stop wasting non-renewable resources. By wasting these resources it will lead us to an unforgiving future.”



Starring: NAGA KONES (Naga Konal)
Music: M.R.RAHEIS (Raheis Rajalingam)
Cinematography and Editing: SURENDRAN (Surendran Avatharam)
Story and Direction: J.SATHIS

Awards :
* 3RD PRIZE at Sankliyan Short Film Festival 2012
* BEST SCREENPLAY at Sankliyan Short Film Festival 2012
* OFFICIAL SELECTION at Norway Short Film Festival 2013