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Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Author:   |  Published: February 14, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? How excited you were to buy Valentine’s cards for everybody in the class and place them on their desks before school started? Or coming back from recess to find several cards sitting on your own desk “From: Secret Admirer”? The warm and tingly feeling it creates is an emotion on its own.


Then you move on to high school where there is no more card giving. New schemes of sending candygrams and roses to that special person indulge excitement. For some, this is an exhilarating time. For others, it’s an aggravation. You all know the feeling when your class gets interrupted because they are here to deliver a rose to someone in your class. You stretch your neck out hoping that someone has sent you one as well. Don’t be shy – I’m sure most of you are guilty of this.


You then move onto university and adulthood where the meaning of Valentine’s Day turns into having a romantic and expensive outing, inflicting on your budget. Almost convincing the world that this is the one day in which we are obligated to express romantic love.



Valentine’s Day is overrated in my opinion. It manipulates every person who is single to believe that this is the one day when you should NOT be alone. Many feel secluded on Valentine’s Day and feel depressed about not having someone to share it with. Trust me, I have witnessed all the lonely tweets, Facebook statuses and posts on Instagram this time of the year. It boggles my mind as to why we are forced to perceive Valentine’s Day as a specific day that needs to be reserved for expensive dinners and chocolate hearts.


Who said you have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Christian to enjoy Christmas? This doesn’t stop the rest of us from getting into the spirit and having a good time. Regardless of who we are, these celebrations can be savored by anyone. In fact, who said you had to engage in a romantic affair to be happy on Valentine’s Day? Yet this is how this day is perceived.



The media can easily depict all sorts of misleading notions. I consider the media to be an extremely powerful influence on your thoughts and beliefs. February is a time when posters of hearts and chocolates are everywhere, TV commercials with how you should spend the special day, and even exclusive offers for ‘couples only.’ The idea is provocative, but it shouldn’t wield your thoughts of being single as daunting. Indeed, it also compells those in relationships to accept that the way in which they spend this day has a price – and spending more will prove greater love.


Bottom line: I am not trying to be the Grinch here or to demolish the spirit of love on Valentine’s Day. Don’t get confused. I’m not trying to target the concept of Valentine’s Day or the ways in which people choose to display their love. Quite honestly, I think it’s the best time to take advantage of promotions and stock up on chocolate! I know that history and religion is the epicentre of Valentine’s Day and it came about for a specific reason.



For all those couples – maybe you’ve been busy and caught up with other things and haven’t spent time with your loved one. This may be the one time that gives you the best chance to make it memorable. But I trust that you will not just use this one particular day to reveal your romantic side. You have the remaining 364 days in the year to do just that. So why pick a specific day to bask in love and companionship?


And for those who are single this Valentine’s Day – who knows what magic this day can bring you? You may even bump heads with someone that instantly increases your heart rate.


What I am trying to get at is that it should be a day in which no one has to feel left out. Don’t be persuaded that it is out of the norm to be single on this day. There’s a lot to love. Spend the day with friends, go have a few drinks. Who knows, you may even have one of the best nights of your life. And sooner or later Cupid will pay you a visit as well. After all, it’s just another day!



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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