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I'm really just a jack of all trades. Except math, science, drawing and most sports. Is that a bad way to open? Let me try again. My name is Braveen Kumar, and I'm a writer of sorts. Before you ask, yes, I am Tamil and yes, that is my full last name. I do a little creative writing in my spare time, which you can read at The Wrong Kind of Write. You can catch me on Twitter too @braveenk. I also freelance on the side, if you're interested in a writer-for-hire.

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    The crowd around me was enslaved by the heavy bass and sporadic lights. Their winding bodies moved like a tangled mess of flailing limbs, starving for companionship and drowning in the stench of alcohol, cologne and cigarettes — the fragrance of blissful ignorance. The music was loud and repetitive, like a cicada buzzing in my ears. My vision see-sawed as an empty bottle slept in my hand and a couple (or maybe not) had their tongues down each other’s throats a few feet away.

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    10 Things I Learned from Commuting

    I commute a lot. As a commuter, you end up sharing a small moving space with a group of strangers for a good part of your day. And it can be the most boring experience of your life outside of watching paint dry at a golf tournament. The list below is a product that boredom. Here are 10 things I’ve learned about commuting while bored aboard public transportation.

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    A Facebook User’s Survival Guide to Twitter

    Many assume that Twitter is a passing social media fad frequented by teenage girls incessantly posting about their boy troubles, littered with mundane drivel about the kinds of sandwiches people are eating, and adopted by businesses for a “hip” marketing strategy. They wouldn’t be far off. After all, how much value can you pack into 140 characters?

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    11 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking

    The following is a list of day-to-day practical benefits for smokers trying to kick the habit. And for the die-hard smoker (no pun intended), I hope you’ll find this more compelling and less preachy than those uninspired “Quit Smoking Now” brochures.

    Author:   |  Published: June 3, 2013  |  1 Comment

  • CoupleBigger

    A Dude’s 5 Step Guide to (Easier) Relationships

    Disclaimer: This is not a guide on how to make relationships work. Rather, it is a guide on how to make relationships less work. I bear no responsibility for any break-ups, divorces, infidelity, broken stemware or changes to sexual orientation that may arise from following these steps.

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