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Janaath Vijayaseelan

Much like any individual I’d rather not say things about myself, I’d rather have someone else try to figure me out on their own; its what makes every life unique trying to figure a person out rather than them explaining everything. But just for you as readers to have a basic understanding of me I’ll explain to you a little about myself. I’m a kid entering adulthood, currently doing my post-secondary education, with an admiration for basketball, music, computing, and forms of art; with plenty more to experience in my young life, I’ve noticed that writing is a form of expression forgotten by many so I decided to use it as a way of expressing topics that intrigue my mind. So read and if you like please share with your friends and family. Thank You!

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  • fobbanner

    Why Do Westernized Tamils Hate FOBs?

    The struggle an individual endures in trying to leave a troubled Third World country is something I’ll never know. They fight through the trenches to finally reach the land of opportunity, only to be labelled and victimized upon arrival. Often, the labeling and victimization comes from fellow South Asians.

    Author:   |  Published: November 4, 2013  |  5 Comments

  • bald man covering eyes with banknote

    Can Money Buy Happiness?

    This place we call home has changed and it will continue to change as souls live and die. Sadly, there are many souls who have forgotten what it actually means to live.

    Author:   |  Published: October 8, 2013  |  2 Comments

  • Portrait Of Romantic Young African American Couple In Park

    What’s Wrong with Dating in the Tamil Community?

    Throughout our lives we journey alone until we come across one individual. This is the individual whom we choose as our life partner to tag along with us and to share memories and tragedies with. We all wish for a miracle, for someone great to set foot in our lives and change it for the better.

    Author:   |  Published: July 21, 2013  |  19 Comments

  • tamilfear20sbanner2

    10 Things Every Tamil Fears in their 20s

    I’m a Tamil dude in my 20s and it doesn’t feel as great as I thought it would be. If I could go back to my eight year old self, I’d tell him to appreciate childhood as many aspects of being an adult are dreadful. In fact, I’m appalled there actually was a time when I wished I could fast-forward my life 10 years.

    Author:   |  Published: May 14, 2013  |  Leave your thoughts