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Kim Chang

Kim Chang

Kim is a true foodie at heart. She enjoys trying new restaurants, cuisines and foods, and documenting her food adventures on her blog. Her friends have told her how conversations with her often gravitate towards food and how she has really opened their eyes on what Toronto's culinary scene has to offer. While Kim enjoys all kinds of foods to their fullest, she also tries to be health-conscious. She studied Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto and tries to incorporate the knowledge she acquired from this program into helping her make sound food choices.

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  • BeefBacon

    Beef Bacon: My Saving Grace for Entertaining Guests

    With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself hosting one or more parties. While these occasions are often fun for the party-goers, between creating invitations, decorating your home, brainstorming entertainment ideas and planning a crowd-pleasing menu, party hosting can quickly become an overwhelming and stressful task. But that hasn't stopped me from throwing numerous parties for many years. I personally take pleasure in bringing people together to share good food and company.

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