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Sen grew up in Toronto and currently calls it home. An avid social commentator, he is particularly interested in the evolution of the Tamil diaspora and its integration to the Canadian mainstream.

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    The Astonishing Links Between Tamil and Japanese

    In 1981, Professor Susumu Ono of Gakushuin University gained recognition for his provocative hypothesis for an ancient link between the Japanese and Tamil languages. Born in 1919, Ono graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1943. Recognized as one of the foremost linguists in Japan, Ono was Professor of Linguistics at Gakushuin University in Tokyo.

    Author:   |  Published: January 6, 2014  |  2 Comments

  • jaffnamissionariescover3

    The Education of Jaffna

    This year marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the American Ceylon Mission (ACM) to the Jaffna peninsula.

    Author:   |  Published: January 16, 2013  |  5 Comments

  • tamil_refugees_in_merak_indonesia_9

    The Tamil Boat Exodus: Refugees or Opportunists?

    Australia has witnessed a massive surge in Tamil asylum seekers fleeing Sri Lanka and washing upon its shores. Thus far in 2012, over 5700 Sri Lankan asylum seekers have reached Australian territory by boat, a huge jump from the 211 migrants that arrived in all of 2011.

    Author:   |  Published: December 3, 2012  |  Leave your thoughts

  • tamilcanadiannumbersbanner

    Tamils by the Numbers

    The 2011 Census of Population on language in Canada was released in October of this year. The census revealed some interesting statistics about the Tamil community.

    Author:   |  Published: November 5, 2012  |  3 Comments

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    The Future of the Tamil Community

    Growing up, I wasn’t always proud to be Tamil. After all, when your ethnic group is repeatedly stigmatized in the mainstream media as a community of gangsters, insurance fraudsters, welfare cheats, terrorist sympathizers and immigration queue-jumpers, it can’t help but take a hit to your cultural ego.

    Author:   |  Published: October 1, 2012  |  6 Comments

  • temple

    The Lost Temples of Tamil Nadu

    In South India, an entire city that has since been lost and forgotten was once described by a Portuguese trader as "large as Rome and the best provided city in the world". It has since become a "city of ghosts", but the ruins of a bygone glorious civilization still remain.

    Author:   |  Published: August 3, 2012  |  4 Comments