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In east Toronto, born and raised, the school ground is where she spent most of her days. Mathin' n' sciencin' n' relaxin' all cool and playing some handball outside of the school, when a couple of authors showed her some good, started making her write in her neighbourhood. She wrote one little article and her bro just stared. He said ''You're writin' for TC so you can bring in some flair...

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  • Mass Exodus - Photo by Arthur Mola (1)

    Fashion PR In NYC

    It was a cloudy Sunday in New York City. I hurried off the F train at Lexington & 63 St. and headed towards the adjacent Starbucks to find her waiting. She looked every bit the part of a fashion PR girl, effortlessly cool in her black tank and black-based printed skirt, accessorized subtly and appropriately.

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  • ”5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0” – All Engines Running. Lift Off, We Have Lift Off!

    As an avid music listener, I was one of the millions around the world counting down the days to the release of Watch the Throne. To each their own but I will say that this album was nothing short of the hype surrounding it. My favourite track? Lift Off. Not only does that song make you want to get up and do something with your life but it brings together three of the biggest names in the music industry: Kanye, Jay Z, and Beyonce. Three powerhouses if you will.

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  • A Hole in One: Mixing Business & Pleasure

    "Moving Foreward" (CTAA) on Sat. Aug. 20th, 2011. “Keep your head down and spread your legs a bit more”, he says to me. I reluctantly agree. I mean I trust him. He’s done this before right? With all my energy, I try not to cringe as I anticipate for what was about to happen in the next few seconds. And in the hole it goes. Silence. Without a flicker, he looks me straight in the eyes and I can’t help but break out into a smile. I did it. I finally did it.

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  • Notification: You’ve got a new Friend Request

    I never imagined myself to be spending a Saturday evening on a rooftop overlooking the heart of downtown with 150 beautiful people, especially not 150 beautiful Tamil people. Just the idea would make me claustrophobic and a tad skittish. But it’s amazing how quickly any inkling of such a feeling gets lost somewhere between picking up your name tag at the door and grabbing yourself a free drink at the bar. I mean you take a look around at the friendly faces and immediately your fists start to unclench and you get the courage to do what you came here to do: ‘Mix N Mingle’.

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