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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Toronto, Simrin recently started her career at Banga Studios as a Post Production Editing Specialist, as well as photographer. Her hope is to one day peruse photography within the fashion industry and publish a photography book as she travels the world! Aside from perusing her dream job, Simrin is a singer/song writer, adores literature and the cosmos.

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  • Tips-on-caring-for-foot-1

    4 Pain-Free Ways to Break in Your Shoes (Includes Using a Potato)

    I am obsessed with shoes - to be specific, heels! I get this automatic confidence boost when I slip into a pair of absolutely beautiful peep-toe pumps or even a pair of black mono low-top chucks. However, along with the long admiration of my feet, I get stuck with pain and tightness from the never-been-worn shoes!

    Author:   |  Published: September 26, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

  • Jeans

    6 Ways To Look Amazing Wearing Denim

    When you think of denim it may be hard to imagine it being a go to fabric for a night out on the town. It's comfy and has a very casual appeal to it. Here are 6 neat ideas to dress up your favorite denim pieces for an evening out!

    Author:   |  Published: April 26, 2014  |  1 Comment

  • Cover2

    Hottest Summer Trends – Lakme Fashion Week

    On our last TC Spring Trend Report we reported back to you with Baby Blues, Printed Pants, Floral Patterns and Long Skirts to be seen during the spring and summer months. Last month at the Lakme Fashion week we saw all that and much more! Here are our favorite pieces that will keep you looking fresh this coming Spring and Summer!

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  • feature

    Trend Report – Spring Fashion

    Spring is...well not to been seen anywhere here in Canada however fashion doesn't stop for the cold! Here are the top 4 trends seen on the run way and on the streets!

    Author:   |  Published: February 28, 2014  |  2 Comments

  • curl

    The Curly Mane

    It has always been such a wonder to me how some people (celebrities mainly) get their natural curls so... perfect. Well the wonder is over! I have been experimenting over the past month to find a way to tame my mane and I found a few things that work! I hope these tricks work for your locks as well!

    Author:   |  Published: January 29, 2014  |  2 Comments

  • Cover

    Autumn & Winter Must Have Trends!

    Hit this season with style with trends that will make you a show stopper! Bold colours and rich fabrics were the trends of last year and now we are looking at softer colours and sleek fabrics! Take a look below to see what is in store for this season.

    Author:   |  Published: November 8, 2013  |  Leave your thoughts

  • miaF

    M.I.A. x Versus

    It has finally happened and all the rumors have been confirmed; M.I.A. has teamed up with Versace to create 19 pieces for both men and women in their Versus line. The line is inspired by counterfeit Versace products seen all over London and as stated in WWD, MIA says "The theme of counterfeits, of those that produce and sell them has always been part of the culture of M.I.A."

    Author:   |  Published: October 11, 2013  |  Leave your thoughts

  • Fashion Emergency Kit

    Fashion Emergency Kit

    My friends always laugh at me when they see what's in my bag, however you never know when you can have a Fashion Accident. That is exactly why I carry my very own Fashion Emergency Kit and today I'll give you a glimpse of what's in my kit!

    Author:   |  Published: September 13, 2013  |  Leave your thoughts

  • Illesteva Lily

    Currently Trending: Accessories

    The weather is finally warming up here in Toronto and so is this years spring and summer accessories trends! This season we will be looking at pops of colour and funky shades to liven up any wardrobe.

    Author:   |  Published: May 17, 2013  |  Leave your thoughts

  • Lakmé Fashion Week – Summer/Resort 2013

    Lakmé Fashion Week is a 2 part event that takes place in Mumbai; the winter/festival that takes place in August and the summer/resort which takes place in March. Just earlier last month at the Summer/Resort, many fashion designers came together to showcase their brilliant work and mesmerize the audience with this seasons upcoming trends.

    Author:   |  Published: March 31, 2013  |  2 Comments