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Sudan Ponnuchamy

Sudan Ponnuchamy

Sudan is an IT professional who was born in Jaffna and grew up in different parts of Toronto. Well versed in both Hollywood and Kollywood movies, Sudan likes offering his opinion on various different topics with a Canadian Tamil view.

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  • Vijayakanth

    Hidden Gems

    Mundhinam Paarthene (2010) - A refreshing and light romance chronicling the love experiences of a young professional (Sanjay), set in urban Chennai. Different from most Tamil love stories, this film focuses on how life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan it. The voice over by the main character adds a nostalgic feel to the film, which was made by first time director Magilzh Thirumeni working with a cast full of new faces. Music by Thaman is another highlight for the film, featuring unique tunes and a touch of jazz.

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  • Living Up to the Hype in Kollywood

    The Tamil Film industry comes out with a lot of movies that are hyped up before their release, even though most of them lack the substance to match the marketing. Here are a few recent movies with big budgets and big stars that actually turned out to match the hype.

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  • Wedding-Bells

    You Know You’re at a Tamil Wedding When….

    1. You see lots of tears of happiness and joy, and that’s from the men at the back when they announce the bar is open. 2. When the person delivering the speech starts off by saying, ‘I am going to keep this short’ and you cling on desperately to the hope that it’s true, even though in your experience it has always been quite the opposite. 3. You realize two things when you come to the wedding hall and everyone says, "you come at the right time:" a) the thaali was tied a long, long time ago, and b) they just opened up the buffet 5 minutes ago.

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  • Movie Previews – Fall 2011

    Nanban Cast: Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth, Ileana D'Cruz Music: Harris Jayaraj Direction: Shanker The remake of the Hindi super hit comedy Three Idiots which starred Aamir Khan. Directed by Shanker (Sivaji, Enthiran) and has a star studded cast which includes Vijay, who will take a much needed break from his usual type cast roles.

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  • 20100510_ttclrv

    Transit City

    Transit City in Toronto was the long term public transportaton plan proposed by former Mayor David Miller's regime to solve the city’s transit problems.

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