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  • Nelson Sivalingam

    How To Start A Business With Just A Phone Call

    Imagine spending days writing a business plan, weeks trying to get money and months developing a website just to find out no one wanted your product from the beginning. Or alternatively you have a great idea but you don’t think you can pursue it because you don’t have enough money to do it, and then one day someone else does it, and then you’re cursing them for beating you to it.

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  • skyline

    Meet a Tamil Urban Explorer

    Urban explorers have their own community in the Instagram world. They defy limitations and take images of their cities in a different light and perspective. This is how we discovered Tamil urban explorer Sanjeev, who is the creator behind  SKSquared on Instagram.

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  • Yarl Geek

    This Tech Hub Wants to Turn Jaffna into the Next Silicon Valley

    A few friends in IT, with roots in Jaffna, have come together with the vision to turn Jaffna into the next Silicon Valley. They plan to accomplish this through Yarl IT Hub (derived from the Tamil name for Jaffna, Yarlpanam, an apolitical non-profit organization, which nurtures IT knowledge sharing, innovation, and IT startups from the region.

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  • sundar pichai

    Google’s Second in Command is Tamil Tech Star Sundar Pichai

    If you haven't heard of Sundar Pichai already, you'll certainly be hearing about him going forward. He started at Google as a middle manager just six years ago, where at one point he reported to Marissa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo. After having held positions such as Director of product management, VP and SVP - he's now the No. 2 exec to CEO Larry Page.

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  • careerlifecover2

    Choose a Career, Choose a Life

    Everything in life requires money – the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in and so forth. Directly dependent on the quality of one’s lifestyle is the financing required to fund both these necessities and excesses.

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  • followmoneycover2

    Follow your Dreams? No, Follow the Money

    When initially approached by the editors of this magazine, I was asked to write about the reasons why our youth should aspire to careers that are financially satisfying. I will argue that one must strive to find a career that balances one’s goals in life. However, the advantages brought onto one in terms of wealth, power, prominence in society and security far outweigh the rewards of being just happy with life.

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  • photo

    Thinking Of Getting Into Consulting? Read This.

    As a Tamil Young Professional (Tamil YP) or student, figuring out what to pursue as a career can be confusing. So many industries, so many titles. We'd like to help you in your journey by inspiring you with career stories of Tamil YP's from different industries.

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  • Banuja

    These 2 Entrepreneurs Are Managing Corporate Jobs While Launching a Saree Business

    TC will be featuring the stories of up and coming startups by Tamil entrepreneurs regularly. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to share your story with our readers. Banuja and Nirthiha discuss the launch of their startup Your Sarista.

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  • ananda

    Ananda Krishnan: The Richest Tamil in the World

    Ananda Krishnan is estimated to be worth 12 billion dollars making him the richest Tamil in the world. He holds stakes in various businesses in the telecommunications, shipping, oil and gas industries and has many properties to his name.

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  • PhotoGrid_1399902357002

    Write Local And Go Global With TC

    TamilCulture, the First Online Tamil Lifestyle Magazine, is looking for Writers & Editors from around the world.  We publish original content including articles, interviews, videos and reviews.  Our aim is to present a unique and diverse set of topics ranging from relationships to business to entertainment, with a Tamil perspective.  Our readers come from all over the world – from Toronto, Chennai, London, New York, Sydney, you name it.

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  • millionaire_1890954b

    The Tamil Millionaire Next Door

    They say good fences make good neighbors. I say I don't need a fence with my neighbor Ravi. Ravi and his family are every home owner’s dream neighbors. A picture perfect young Tamil family of husband, wife and two toddlers. The only catch is Ravi is also a millionaire. A millionaire among the middle class in our neighborhood- a new member of the much maligned 1%.

    April 24, 2014  |  Author:   |  4 Comments

  • 1280px-Steve_Jobs_and_Bill_Gates_(522695099)

    The Power of Influence

    Most of you have probably heard of author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn’s noteworthy quote “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” and I strongly agree. If you look closely at your... View Article

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