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    Tamil Dishes Never Looked So Good

    It's undeniable how delicious Tamil foods are. But let's face it, they're usually served up in a manner where aesthetics are not always a focus (since they're mostly only available in fast food restaurants). Pratheban Thurairajah, a Tamil food connoisseur and chef, has managed to change that by presenting Tamil foods in a way where they're visually as delicious as they taste.

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    Have You Been Peeling Ginger (Inji) The Wrong Way?

    Like many Tamils, I love my inji (ginger) tea. I drink it at least twice a day. But each time that I have to peel away at that ridiculously shaped root with a knife, I'm left to wonder if I should just learn to like my tea without ginger. It's such a pain to peel!

    May 14, 2014  |  Author:   |  1 Comment

  • Masala Dosa

    Masala Dosa to Die For

    Saravana Bhavan doesn’t look like a house of secrets. Its dining room at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 26th Street is clean and bright and often attracts a line out front. It doesn’t advertise because it doesn’t need to; the fact that it’s one of the world’s largest chains of vegetarian restaurants — 33 in India, another 47 in a dozen other countries — is considered too obvious to its core clientele of Indian expatriates and tourists to be worth trumpeting.

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    The Great Gluten-Free Craze

    I knew I couldn't turn a blind eye anymore when my favourite Starbucks around the corner was offering gluten-free sandwich. ‎My friend excitedly announced that she had signed up to an online dating site for gluten-free singles. Whoa! This is when I knew that the gluten-free craze was not only in full swing, but in fact had kicked up a notch.

    April 22, 2014  |  Author:   |  1 Comment

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    Here’s How You Make Delicious Appam

    Appams are a childhood favourite of mine.  They were such a treat when my mom made them while I was growing up and they continue to be now.  Appams are most notably famous in the Indian state of Kerala and throughout Sri Lanka.  They were traditionally made with toddy – a palm wine – but is now often made with yeast or baking soda.

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  • My Tamil Kitchen

    My Tamil Kitchen

    Says Brami Jegan about her blog featuring recipes from Jaffna: ‘My Tamil Kitchen’ is a project in which I combine that which is sacred to me: identity – my mother’s delicious recipes – cooking with love – self expression – resistance. My mother comes from Manippai in Jaffna – a town in northern Sri Lanka – so her recipes are that of Jaffna Tamils. In time I hope to learn how to make dishes from aunties and uncles from other parts of Sri Lanka."

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  • Ravi-Kanagarajah

    Remembering Ravi, Toronto’s Very Own ‘Soup King’

    The recent news of the death of 42 year old Ravi Kanagarajah, owner and founder of Ravi Soups, comes as a shock to many. The numerous expressions of grief seen through Facebook posts and messages reflect the impact that Ravi had on the Toronto community. People loved his food, and those that were fortunate to have met him, loved his genuine and caring personality. He will be truly missed.

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  • greenmango

    Spicy Green Mango Smoothie Recipe

    From the Spice Girls to my sometimes spicy attitude, you could definitely say that I have an affinity for all things spice related; but in addition to adding a little je ne sais quoi to the aroma of food, spices are also a natural method of preventative health care. Did you know that before we were using spices for culinary purposes, they were used medicinally?

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  • BeefBacon

    Beef Bacon: My Saving Grace for Entertaining Guests

    With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself hosting one or more parties. While these occasions are often fun for the party-goers, between creating invitations, decorating your home, brainstorming entertainment ideas and planning a crowd-pleasing menu, party hosting can quickly become an overwhelming and stressful task. But that hasn't stopped me from throwing numerous parties for many years. I personally take pleasure in bringing people together to share good food and company.

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