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  • Canadian Premier League

    A New Leader in T20 Cricket: The Canadian Premier League

    The Canadian Premier League was created in 2012 by Roy Singh, a Toronto entrepreneur with a passion for cricket. Driven by the idea that the T20 version of cricket could succeed in Canada if the right people were involved, Singh began his quest to take this faster version of the game into the Canadian mainstream. The Canadian Premier League will serve as a training ground for developing professional cricket players, coaches and personnel on and off the field. An emphasis will be placed on fundamental development, career advancement and community involvement.

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  • Priya skater

    Here’s Something You Don’t See Often

    Figure skating and Tamil don't often go hand in hand, so it's a pleasant surprise to see Priya Ramesh actively pursuing the sport. Here's her performance under the Junior Free Dance category for the Skate Canada Challenge 2015, with her partner Brandon Labelle, where they represented Central Ontario.

    December 10, 2014  |  Author:   |  1 Comment

  • 1

    Why Tamils Show Crazy Love For Germany During the FIFA World Cup

    As Germany goes on to face Argentina in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals on Sunday, you may have noticed that quite a few of your Tamil friends are truly, madly, deeply in support of Germany. Now this would make sense if the majority of them currently lived there, but they don't. So why the love? We reached out to a few die hard fans to hear what they had to say.

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  • KG_Carmelo

    The BallCast Debut – Taking Our Talents to

    Two die-hard hoops fans, Niresan Seevaratnam and Jonathan Rubenstein, working out of their hoops lab in Toronto have been providing a weekly recap of all the hoops action in the NBA. On the BallCast, we dissect all the hot topics, analyze the trends, and break down all the box scores, the weekly BallCast has everything a hoops junkie craves.

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