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    Tamil Becomes Art in Singapore

    The 'Singapore Soul' created in 2011 by Jaume Plensa sits at the Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore. It's composed of characters from the four national languages of the country -Tamil, Mandarin, Malay and English. Singapore is home to approximately 200,000 people of Tamil background.

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  • Len

    This Toronto Blogger’s Captivating Pictures Transport You Around the World in an Instant

    This month we’re featuring Len Theivendra, an avid traveler who has to date visited more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Along with a friend, Len decided to do something about his passions for travel and photography by launching a blog "Fly See Stay" which aims to curate their diversity of experiences from around the globe.

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  • madras1

    “Chennai is a City but Madras is an Emotion”

    Even when I first arrived in Chennai as a five-year-old in 1987, I remember my mother being grateful to have found a safe but uncertain shelter for her children. The civil war in Sri Lanka was becoming increasingly violent ironically as a result of the finally overt involvement of India’s own special military contingent, the Indian Peace Keeping Force.

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    From Canada to Colombo, Can’t Stereotype My Thing Yo

    I need a cigarette. In another impulsive moment, I had made the irresponsible decision a few months ago to become a social smoker. I do not particularly know what that means but I figure it would be a good way to force myself to have conversations with strangers on this trip. I also romanticize that it would be just the thing that one of my many alter egos, Manohar – Karthik’s character in Mani Ratnam’s "Mouna Ragam" – would do. He dies at the end of that film, I suddenly remember with a grimace.

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  • biometrics

    Flight Risk

    Starting December 11th, 2013, all visitors from Sri Lanka will not only need to obtain a temporary resident’s permit or tourist visa to enter Canada, but will also have to provide biometrics with their application at their own expense. The biometric fee is presently set at $85 CAD (10, 960 LKR) per person, and has a maximum of $170 CAD (21, 920 LKR) for a family applying together for a visitor’s visa.

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  • 14

    Lost in Chennai: Part 2

    Back on campus at the University of Madras, I pondered my recent discovery of Chennai’s modernity and Westernization. I was trying to reconcile why, in this city that juxtaposed traditionalism with modernity, I was not able to observe it on my campus. Wouldn’t a university in the middle of Chennai be the ideal place for the new generation of youth to embrace less traditional ideal?

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    Lost in Chennai: Part 1

    It was hot and muggy. My sweat-infused churidar was plastered against my back as I waited for the 11H bus at a crowded bus stand across from the University of Madras. My sense of relief upon seeing the bus in the horizon was quickly waned by the onset of anxiety when I realized what I would endure – finding a way to squeeze myself through the hordes that had gathered now at the bus stand.

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    Finding the Mango Trees

    Beginning May 14th, Matangi, Dharsha and Vinosha will be fulfilling a lifelong dream and traveling through Sri Lanka for a month. To read about their adventures, check out

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  • J-Japan

    Make Your Life an Adventure

    Increasingly, many young university grads are choosing to work abroad to save their earnings and to pay off school debt and other expenses. Moving abroad and finding a job in another country is a daunting task for anyone.

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  • europeshivpyramide

    Europe on the Fly with Shiv and Lil – Part Four

    If you recall in Part One, before embarking on their European vacation, Shiv and Lil were hoping to visit eight cities in three countries over the course of ten days. Considering their very last minute planning, they had to cut down their trip to six cities with the bulk of their time spent in Barcelona, Rome, and Paris. But you really can’t go wrong with those three!

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