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Show Your Skin Some Love With These Fall Skin Care Tips

Author:   |  Published: September 19, 2014  |  1 Comment

As summer starts to fade into the cool distance, away goes our shorts and razors and out comes our chunky knit sweaters and maroon pants. Along with summer fashion trends, some of us forget to send away our summer skin care routines. And so, in light of this beautifully chilly fall season, I have put together a guideline of fall skin care tips based on what has worked for me. Hope it helps you as well!


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Exfoliate with Oil-Based Scrubs:

Fall is a great transition season between summer and winter; this season is perfect for healing those sun damages that you may or may not see – so it’s important to exfoliate. This will help remove dead and dry skin that has been damaged due to the hot sun and cool off sessions in chlorinated pools! A full body exfoliation with an Oil-Based scrub is a good idea during this season - as the winter season comes along it will dry your skin further due to a lack of moisture in the air. Furthermore, any dead and damaged skin you have will end up clogging your pores leaving you with blemishes and resulting in acne. The Oil-Based scrub will remove the damaged skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Lotion to Cream:

The air is becoming steadily drier and once winter hits, so does dry skin! Because of that lack of moisture, you will need to provide your skin with additional protection from the harsh air and cool winds. Lotions tend to have a thin layer of protection and is just a great way to add some hydration to your skin in the summer. However, creams are more oil-based and provide your skin with a stronger barrier; this will help the outer layer of skin from losing water and hydrate your skin! *Tip: the best time to lock in that additional hydration is when you have dried off after your bath or shower*

Non-Petroleum based Lip Balm:

We’ve got to keep those lips on point! Now, we all usually run to our favorite Petroleum based lip-balms (Vaseline!!!) for our chapped lips issues…however it is quite the poor choice unfortunately. The reason being that our lips do not actually absorb the product! Petroleum just sits at the surface without providing your lips with the needed hydration and in short, it makes it a quick fix solution that will at the end of the day, chap your lips further. This fall, try using organic and all natural lip balms, especially balms that have a beeswax base!


Just because it doesn’t feel warm anymore does not mean that there isn’t any reason to protect your skin from UVA and UVB damage! At minimum, use SPF 15 to keep your skin protected from that cool fall sun!


Stay warm and stay hydrated!