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    Canadian Tamil Alumni Association 3rd Annual Toast To Success

    On Friday July 5, the Canadian Tamil Alumni Association (CTAA), in partnership with the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA), hosted the 3rd annual Toast to Success Networking [...]

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    An Inspirational Writer: Renuka I

    Renuka I of the popular blog Pocketful of Perspective recently published an e-book reflecting her deep positive thinking called Make Room for Good.
    She is a true inspiration to the [...]

  • rejection2bigger 0

    How to Get a Girlfriend

    Growing up I thought there was some formula that I could use to get girls. I like to think Newton did something other that make my grade 12 physics experience miserable. I hated being too nervous to talk to girls. Seeing people who shouldn’t be adding to gene pool go on and meet their significant others, really didn’t make me feel any better.

  • Portrait Of Romantic Young African American Couple In Park 9

    What’s Wrong with Dating in the Tamil Community?

    Throughout our lives we journey alone until we come across one individual. This is the individual whom we choose as our life partner to tag along with us and to share memories and tragedies with. We all wish for a miracle, for someone great to set foot in our lives and change it for the better.

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    Mr. Rajalingam’s Prostate

    “What’s with the stache, bro?”
    “It’s a token of my prostate cancer awareness campaign for Movember,” replied Mayooran, sporting a smirk while wolfing down what was left of his tuna salad sandwich. “I’m not really fundraising for the cause – it’s just to avoid shaving for a month and to rebel against the norms of manscaping,” Mayooran added, chuckling.
    “Are you serious?” asked his friend Mithunan. “If you’re going to hold out on shaving for a month, you’d better know that misshapen peach fuzz doesn’t count!”

  • sridevi630 0

    Bollywood Express

    When the world thinks of Indian cinema, often what comes to mind is Bollywood. With its onslaught of colours, catchy tunes and multi-million dollar productions it is easy to see [...]

  • Michelle 2

    Single, Tamil, Female… And I’m Divorced

    There are many titles I have been taught to wear in my life- daughter, sister, aunt, wife and graduate- but I never thought I would add one more to the list. Divorcee. This article is NOT being written because this is a title that I am proud of and definitely NOT something I ever expected to happen, but it happened.

  • Ratheesan Yoganathan 0

    FeTNA 2013 Business Forum

    If you would like to hear from well reputed experts from various sectors, who have successfully innovated to capitalize on the changing market, you definitely want to attend FeTNA’s 2013 [...]

  • shriyabanner 6

    So Shriya Was in Town? It’s Time to Stop Worshipping Celebrities

    This past long weekend was a festive one in Toronto with the Toronto Jazz Festival, Ribfest, Pride Toronto, and of course Canada Day. But I also neglected to mention another grand occasion. Of course, I’m referring to our Tamil aunties and uncles, annas and akkas, bachelors and spinsters who were all gathered together to sneak a glimpse of Kollywood actress Shriya Saran.

  • TamilWomen 4

    So You’re 30 and Still Single? Don’t Blame Tamil Women

    While I am not one to question freedom of speech, I think the world would have been better off without a soapbox for Sanjiv’s views. His long-winded rant embodies everything wrong with a growing number of boys who feel it is necessary to blame women for their own shortcomings. I’ll deconstruct Sanjiv’s arguments and put forth my perspective on why Tamils today are waiting to get married.

  • tamilfamilybannerbigger 18

    It’s Time to Start Appreciating our Tamil Parents

    My parents were born and raised in Sri Lanka. In 1988, my dad moved to Canada and painstakingly worked to earn enough money to sponsor my mother who came in 1990. Like all Tamils, they immigrated to Canada in search of an opportunity to raise a happy family in peace.

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    Ajesh’s Independent Album: “Rain, College, Love-The Connect”

    After winning the second season of Vijay TV’s Super Singer, Ajesh Ashok, who went onto sing for films, just released his independent album. Titled “Rain, College, Love- The Connect”, the album features five smooth, romantic and catchy tracks, which are all composed by Ajesh himself.

  • notmarriedbigger 5

    Help! I’m 30, Tamil… and Not Married

    Recently, TC Magazine commissioned a poll surveying the marital status of the Tamil diaspora. The poll revealed that nearly half of all Tamils remained unmarried at ages 30-35. Family is an important aspect traditional Tamil values. So how does a family-oriented culture with a strong tradition of faith, marriage and family end up with half of its community unmarried into their 30s?

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    The Two Most Annoying Types of Tamils on Facebook

    Let’s talk about Facebook for a minute. Facebook is filled with people who for some reason feel they need to radiate an “I’m an idiot” persona. They choose to revel in the illusion of status through an artificially constructed image, when it only draws attention to their underlying security. Tamils are no stranger to this. In fact we’re more guilty of this than most groups. Below I’ve listed the two most annoying types of Tamils on Facebook – the ones who really aggravate me.

  • SriLankaArticle3edited 19

    2 Weeks a Year: How a Trip to Sri Lanka Changed My Outlook on Life

    Life is a long road full of twists and turns. And for many of you – myself included – this road has only just begun. So let’s start with a single year and pose a single question: are two weeks of vacation a year worth what you go through for the remaining 50 weeks?

  • smokingbanner2 1

    11 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking

    The following is a list of day-to-day practical benefits for smokers trying to kick the habit. And for the die-hard smoker (no pun intended), I hope you’ll find this more compelling and less preachy than those uninspired “Quit Smoking Now” brochures.

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    As a society we love to celebrate how great women are and how much we love them- International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, even Valentine’s Day is really about the gifts men should buy women. But where are we on issues that really count? Violence, self-esteem, power, income – where are the days to recognize these struggles? Recently Facebook has been in the hot seat.

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  • Adoption-hands 1

    I’m “Tamil” and I’m Adopted

    Adopted. One word that holds so much weight in my life. It acts as an anchor to all of my important life decisions. Yet despite all this, I have tried not to see myself as a victim of circumstances I never had control of. I have no memory of the first five years of my life. To this day, I have never found anyone who can tell me anything about the people who gave me life. How do you start to figure out who you are when you don’t even know where you came from?

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    Currently Trending: Accessories

    The weather is finally warming up here in Toronto and so is this years spring and summer accessories trends! This season we will be looking at pops of colour and funky shades to liven up any wardrobe.

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