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Montreal’s Sensation-SE Boyz

Author:   |  Published: February 24, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Montreal’s SE Boyz is a group of seven young men driven by their love of music and sharing the joy that music brings them with their audiences.

It makes us happy that we can make others feel happy by doing what we love to do, which is to entertain and create music. It gives us an assurance that we’re on the right path.”

Inspired by artists who were part of the European Tamil diaspora, Brown Jack, D’zz, Purji, Sri, Thibz, Thilak and TR formed the group in 2007. Seeing others produce unique music made them want to create something of their own in Canada.

“It was the first time we heard Tamil music that didn’t come from the Tamil film industry (Kollywood) it was something new and refreshing and we felt we could deliver the same here.”

Since 2007, they have primarily focused on the production of original songs. From creating their own unique melodies and music, to writing their own lyrics and recording their songs, these guys do it all.

“We all knew we had a passion for music but we didn’t know how to go about stepping into this industry. We lacked the knowledge in the beginning but over time, we picked it up and still are learning through our experiences.”

They credit the strength of their group to the foundation of friendship on which it was formed and the many collaborations they’ve had the opportunity to pursue.

Working with one another, especially with other Tamil Independent musicians helps create an industry, a market, a platform for younger generations to pursue without worry.”

Based on their experiences, the SE Boyz believe that independent Tamil artists are going to continue to grow and help raise the bar for standards in music, within and outside of Kollywood. The key in their eyes is collaboration and support within the Tamil music industry.

The presence of mentors has also impacted their journey—the most influential being Jegan Thiru of TJ Production. Through his guidance, they’ve learned a lot about the craft.

When asked about what inspires them, the Boyz said that most of their songs are inspired by their own experiences. It’s in trying to experiment with the way they present these experiences that their creativity comes into play. Self-proclaimed perfectionists, they’re always brainstorming and trying to pick only the best of the best, from melody selection to lyrics to each instrument used in their songs.

When asked what they would say to others aspiring to become artists in their own right, they emphatically said:

“No matter what your dream is, never lose sight of it. Keep chasing and never give up. Sure, it may be a long road, but you’ll get there if you keep running after it. When you do get there, success will taste much sweeter knowing that you worked extra hard for it. Go and make your dreams a reality!”

This is definitely a testament to the idea that if you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’re working a day in your life.

Check out their new music video: