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“I Slipped”

Author:   |  Published: October 14, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Anal sex………..Well that sure got your attention right?


So, just when I’m thinking that this show cannot get anymore drama or the likes, Mindy decides to throw anal sex on the table. I really can’t even say something without referencing dirty puns. This is the first time I’ve seen a sitcom use anal sex as a plot. Of course, it would be on Mindy.   Mindy really nailed it by addressing this fragile issue, which resulted in some particularly great lines. This is how it starts:


Mindy is told by Danny that she’s like an old shoe. What he meant to say was that he is comfortable around her, but of course she gets the notion that it means something else. Their daily night routine of the nose-hair trimmer, and how he knows how long to wait for her after that, shows that their long friendship prior to the relationship has started to affect the romance. The so called chase and mystery is starting to disappear after these few months of dating. Here’s where we get to the line of the show “I slipped.” Danny decides to try something different, during sexy time, and when Mindy freaks out, he gives an excuse of “I slipped.”  The episode only gets more hilarious from here.


“My office has one entrance and I don’t think that’s enough for you anymore”- Mindy


Danny even goes to the extreme to suggest that his eyesight is poor, therefore he couldn’t tell the difference during their sexy time the night before. Of course, he’s proven wrong and Mindy keeps doubting him. But all this dilemma and drama shows the underlying problem.  Mindy has dated many individuals, and because of that, Danny thinks she is more experienced than she really is. Then there’s the fact that Mindy wants to be more exciting in bed.


“Is that what you think of me? That I’m just some gorgeous, high-class prostitute?”-Mindy


After this, she consults Peter, the expert on all things of this nature, and he gives her his honest opinion as per usual – Danny was lying. Mindy, trying to avoid the ‘boring’ label, dresses in a cute satin outfit and downs some scotch alongside some roofies prescribed by Morgan, and ventures out to do the unthinkable with Danny.  Before anything could happen, Mindy ends up at the hospital, where a cop assumes Danny roofied her. Mindy admits she did that all by herself.


Roofied Mindy


Relationship Lesson for the Week: Danny and Mindy talk things through and agree to discuss before exploring untouched territory.


Hilarious ending: Mindy eating Danny, because he tastes so good, as he was smothered in Whipped Cream.


Other characters: Peter and Jeremy’s feud was drawn out for another show, where Peter’s eyebrows are burned off in the process. Morgan becomes a registered nurse (which is why he could give Mindy a prescription), and everyone forgets at the office. Poor Morgan.