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Tamil Dishes Never Looked So Good

Author:   |  Published: July 11, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

It’s undeniable how delicious Tamil foods are. But let’s face it, they’re usually served up in a manner where aesthetics are not always a focus (since they’re mostly only available in fast food restaurants). Pratheban Thurairajah, a Tamil food connoisseur and chef, has managed to change that by presenting Tamil foods in a way where they’re visually as delicious as they taste.


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Here’s what Pratheban had to say about his passion for food:


“Food is the centre of our existence. The center of my existence is the passion for the art of cuisine in all its glory. Growing up, inspirations were simply everywhere. It was the peaceful farm I grew up on surrounded by fruits and vegetables. It was the beautiful sights lining the cobblestoned streets of Italy. It was simply the way I always made natural connections between all walks of life and my culinary experience.
Trained in Italy, I became an executive chef at the age of 21. There was something incredible about having an entire kitchen all to myself. The amazing freedom to do whatever I wanted with whatever at my disposal and walk out with a feeling of utter satisfaction and accomplishment is just wonderful.

My food ventures keep my little world interesting. My kitchen is my sanctuary. Life can become high paced and hectic at times. Yet, I manage a sense of peace as I chop and slice and garnish my way through any dish; the simple acts that keep my passion kindled.
From my deep roots from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, to the vast flavours of the Western and European countries I’ve visited and trained in, come the full embodied Italian to the spicy Indo-fusion dishes. I would be honored to bring my world to your table. Come experience my recipes, delve into my fusion flares, and leave my kitchen with the feelings of exploring places I have visited.”


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