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Tamil Mothers Say the Darndest Things

Author:   |  Published: November 18, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

I love my mother, and everyone else loves their mother too. But sometimes, there are things that women in my life say that make me go “WHAT , HUH, HOW??”


Here’s  a list of the darndest things that I’ve heard over the years :


1. If you have a Tattoo you will get Cancer.


2. Don’t hug boys , even if they are your cousins. You only touch your husband.


3. You have to be “pure” when you get married.


4. Do you spend 10 hours on your phone like the Tamil radio said? It causes cancer.


5. Me: A girl died in Waterloo, she got struck by lightning.

Mom: Tamil pillai ya?

Me: No…

Mom: (goes back to what she’s doing)


6. No Pineapple during your period!


7. You do not need to go to parties – “Aata kaariya nee?” ( No Social Life whatsoever.)


8. You only need one friend , that is enough – 3 is too many.


9. No one will marry you if you are fat.


10. Come back from Dominican: ” You’re so dark, what happened!?”


11. Long hair will guarantee you a husband, 100%. Don’t cut it short.


12. Learn how to cook, your future husband needs that.


13. How will you ever get married at this rate? “Yaar unna kalyanam pannuvaan?”


14. Dating is bad –  “Nee vellai kari illai.”


15. Do not laugh too much, you will cry after.


16. If you are out past 10 pm, bad things will happen to you.


17. If a girl’s 2nd toe is longer than her big toe, she won’t listen to her husband.


18. Don’t wear red lipstick, it doesn’t look nice on your colour.


19. Why don’t you comb out your curly hair, oil it, and braid it?


These are just a few of the comments I’ve heard. Can you relate?