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Tamils from UK, Malaysia & Germany Collaborated to Create this Awesome Music Video

Author:   |  Published: October 31, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Rebelstar Records, a UK based entertainment company established in 2006, has just released a new single called ‘Drop’ by MC SAI, featuring Illaiya Hustlaz and DJ Mastermind. The single is from MC SAI’s latest album ‘Be Right Back.’


The catchy music video is the product of a strong collaboration between creative minds from the UK, Malaysia and Germany. The uniqueness of the video lies in the fact that it was shot in a few hours, using a green screen, with the use of motion tracking to animate each scene to ensure that the animation synced with the movement of the artist.


Check it out and comment below to let us know how you like it.



Director/Editor: Kanath

Filmed by: Candyman