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Steve Jobs: Share Your Thoughts

Author:   |  Published: October 20, 2011  |  7 Comments

Many of you may have already seen this poster on Facebook. On October 11th, its creator, Willie Concepcion, shared his opinion by stating that millions mourn the death of one person while none mourn the deaths of one million. The one person in this case is Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on October 5th. And the one million in this case are young African children who in recent news are dying due to poverty and famine caused by a horrible drought.

To date, this poster has more than 82 000 likes, some 70 000 shares, and over 21 000 comments.

While some strongly agree with the views of this poster because millions of people die each day without any recognition, others think that it’s like comparing apples and oranges as it is unfair to degrade the death of one man simply because we do not mourn all. One anonymous Facebook user writes, “Steve Jobs was just a man, flesh and blood just like these children.” Another says, “I just think that using the death of Steve Jobs is unnecessary and disrespectful. The message on this poster could have been easily been delivered without devaluing an inspirational man’s death.”

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– Kiana Amirpour