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The Tweets of Miss America

Author:   |  Published: September 16, 2013  |  2 Comments

Miss America is of Indian heritage and the internet goes nuts.

If you haven’t been living in a hole for the past few hours, you would know that history was made this weekend. The first Miss America winner of Indian heritage, Nina Davuluri, was crowned. The second that happened the internet went full crazy and if I’ve learned one thing from watching copious amounts of movies, it’s that you never go full crazy. A massive influx of tweets came pouring in criticizing the newly crowned Miss America as not being ‘American’. Which is fairly hilarious since America, and Canada too, were built on immigration. In other words, immigrants are complaining about immigrants. Yeah, that happened.

So after scouring the internet for several minutes, I’ve compiled my favourite Miss America tweets.


I like this one because it’s clear that someone didn’t pay enough attention in school. Everyone knows that Arabs come from Arabia not New York, someone didn’t watch Aladdin. Knowing commentators, they probably made sure that every viewer knew that she was Indian, so not only do you not know your geography, but you don’t listen. Whatever you do, don’t procreate. Please.


This is my favourite. Not because he mistakes a Bollywood dance for a terrorist dance, but because she’s really doing the ‘I’m about to win Miss America, so suck it’ dance. If only he had stuck around till the end of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.


I’m actually more impressed with Nina now, especially knowing that she won Miss America without being able to understand her name. Another interesting point brought up is that terrorists don’t understand their names, which is why they never win.

As much as I enjoy poking fun at ignorant people, it’s actually really kind of sad. There are still some extremely narrow minded people who refuse to accept others for who they are. But luckily, for humanity’s sake, there are a ton of other people who don’t think the same way. Those are the same people that voted in a black President, abolished slavery in the US and who crowned a brown Miss America. To quote the great Mitch Hedberg, “I don’t care if they’re black, white, purple or green… oh hold on: purple or green? To hell with purple people – unless they’re suffocating- then help’em!”