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Unqiue ways to accessorize your Sari!

Author:   |  Published: December 20, 2014  |  Leave your thoughts

Old sari’s, new sari’s, gold sari’s or not even a sari at all! I love all the different ways that you can play around with South Asian attire, from blazers to belts – the options are endless! Here are some fun statement pieces and some subtle ways to play around with your outfit.

As mentioned in “Three Unique Ways to Spice Up your Sari Style“, the blazer is a fun and structural piece to add into your sari outfit. However, my eyes went straight for the subtle cuff earring that was added. With a sleek updo, your cuffs can add a fun flare to your outfit.


This is one of my favorite pieces – it is inspired by “temple jewelry” which was typically worn by devadasis in South India. With the right type of braid, this beautiful piece truly is a show stopper!


Instead of traditional bangles why not switch it up and try tribal jewelry!


Finally, necklaces! You can either wear traditional necklaces or why not dig into the jewelry you already have and wear a great statement necklace!