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Write Local And Go Global With TC

Author:   |  Published: May 12, 2014  |  5 Comments

Write Local. Go Global.


TamilCulture, the First Online Tamil Lifestyle Magazine, is looking for Writers & Editors from around the world.  We publish original content including articles, interviews, videos and reviews.  Our aim is to present a unique and diverse set of topics ranging from relationships to business to entertainment, with a Tamil perspective.  Our readers come from all over the world – from Toronto, Chennai, London, New York, Sydney, you name it.


  • Write local. Go global.  Our readers come from all over the world.  However, your content does not have to be universally applicable.  You can stay local.  You can write about the music festivals in Chennai, clubbing scene in London or community activities in Kuala Lumpur. Your call.


  • Submit original content.  We love  new content.  We also accept content you have published elsewhere as long as you own the copyright. If you have your own blog, you can engage the 30,000+ unique visitors that we reach monthly by publishing with us.


  • Submit content that has a Tamil perspective.  Ex. If you write a piece about how you lost weight, you can include some elements like how Tamil foods helped or hurt you or how you used Kollywood music to motivate you.


  • Submit content that will interest our Tamil audience.  Ask yourself if it will interest the Tamil audience.  We will let you be your own judge or ask us if you are not sure. There are many other publications out there but none that focus on Tamils like we do. Let’s work together to improve this goal.


  • Liberal or conservative views.  We welcome different viewpoints whether it is liberal or conservative.  Our aim is to act as a place where readers can read different perspectives and form their own conclusions.


  • Trendsetters.  We love stories about hot trends.  We want to be the first among Tamil focused publications to publish new and emerging ideas.


  • About your content.  We recommend content that has 500 to 750 words although that is not a hard and fast rule.  You can include relevant images or video links to your content.  The images should be obtained with permission or sources cited.  We may choose to edit, alter or revise your content before publishing but you will be included in this process.


  • Do read through our site first.  We recommend you read our published articles to see if your idea is already published.  Our readers prefer content that is different from what we’ve already covered or has a different twist to it.


  • Do not go here.  We do not publish articles that we consider threatening, obscene, defamatory or abusive; hate speech or generalizes offensively a particular race or a group of people.       


  • Copyright.  You will retain copyright to your original article.  If selected, you are explicitly giving us, our partners or subsidiaries permission to publish your article.


  • Happy writing!  And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


So, want to get started with getting your work published? Contact us at [email protected]!


By the way, you probably won’t enjoy working with us if you don’t like this type of team dynamic: ;)